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Repository software aims to provide a managed environment for digital objects, such as documents and images, and their metadata. Repository software will generally include tools which allow curators and users to exploit the stored objects and their metadata. Paradigm evaluated DSpace and Fedora, two of many repository systems, with the objective of assessing their potential as preservation repositories for personal digital archives and to select software that the project would use in its prototype system. View the how-to guides for installing DSpace and Fedora and on ingesting file directories into Fedora.

Paradigm distinguished between access and preservation repositories very early in the life of the project. Repositories catering for less sensitive materials with shorter embargoes, or materials where rightsholders permissions to publish can feasibly be sought, often combine preservation and access functions in a single repository. Paradigm's work suggests that this is not the optimal solution for personal digital archives because:

Paradigm therefore proposes that:

This solution means that those functions of preservation repositories that would be redundant in an access repository need not be imposed on them and vice versa.