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Portecle does not generate of verify hash values or digital signatures; it is a GUI application written in Java based on the Bouncycastle cryptographic libraries for creating and managing key stores, certificate requests and certificate revocation lists. Key stores can contain keys, key pairs and trusted certificates associated with public keys. Portecle is also able to convert between various keystore formats which would be of assistance in managing collections which are protected or signed by different providers.

The software has a simple interface which provides access to a keystore either by loading it from a file or by creating it from scratch.

Keystore files can be created, opened and saved via the File menu:

Portecle - Password for Keystore

The entries contained within a loaded keystore are displayed in the keystore entry table which has columns for:

Portecle screenshot

Operations specific to a keystore entry can be accessed by right-clicking on the particular entry in the table and selecting the required operation from the pop-up menu. The options available in the pop-up menu differ depending on the keystore entry type: trusted certificate entries can be examined, deleted or renamed; key pair entries can additionally have their passwords set, or be used to generate a Certificate Signing Request, etc.; key entries, on the other hand, have no specific operations and therefore no menu will appear for them.

Portecle screenshot

The contents of Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) files can be examined through use of the options on the Examine menu:

Portecle screenshot

General keystore maintenance operations are accessible through the Tools menu. These general operations include the capability to examine the content of certificate files, to import trusted certificates, to generate key pairs and change keystore type:

Portecle screenshot

More information is available from the Portecle website.