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Combining snapshot & post-custodial approaches

This approach combines the 'snapshot' and post-custodial approaches and offers a mix of the advantages and disadvantages applicable to these approaches. The approach allows archivists to make regular accessions of selected digital materials so that they can be ingested into a managed environment. It also allows the creator to retain sensitive series of digital records that they would prefer to transfer later, but to benefit from the advice of the archivist in caring for that material. Unlike its digital equivalent, the hardcopy element of a personal archive will not require regular preservation attention. It therefore makes sense to defer the accession of paper-based materials; this may also give creators time to undertake some basic appraisal of the material. Combining snapshot accessions of digital material with post-custodial collection of sensitive digital and all hardcopy components is probably the most realistic option for many circumstances. It allows at least a portion of the digital collection to be managed in an OAIS-compliant digital archive, while offering a better chance of survival for sensitive contemporary digital records that creators are not yet ready to transfer.


See snapshot and post-custodial approaches.


See snapshot and post-custodial approaches. It is hoped that a significant amount of digital material could be accessioned in this joint approach which would lessen the weaknesses apparent in the post-custodial approach.