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International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families: ISAAR CPF

ISAAR CPF provides guidance on creating archival authority records for corporate bodies, persons and families associated with the creation and maintenance of archives.

Archival authority records may be used to describe these entities; to control the creation and use of access points within an archival description; to document relationships between the entities and the records created by them; and to link to other resources about, or by, them.

International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families: ISAAR (CPF), 1st edition, Beijing, 1996, 2nd edition, Canberra, 2004 can be downloaded from the website of the International Council on Archives.

Example of an Authority Record structured according to ISAAR (CPF)


1-1, ID code

GB 0152 AAR1568

1-2, Name


1-3, Authority entry

Communist Party of Great Britain

1-4, Parallel entries


1-5, Non preferred terms



2-1-1, Legal number


2-1-2, Other Names

2-1-3 Date(s) and Place(s) of existence

The Communist Party of Great Britain was formed in 1920, growing out of the revolutionary traditions in the British labour movement. The Party was formed at the London Unity Convention of July 31-August 1 1920 and consolidated in the Leeds Convention at the end of January 1921. A number of Marxist organisations joined the CPGB, including the British Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Federation.

2-1-4, Business location

16 King Street, London; later moved to Cynthia Street, London

2-1-5, legal status/nationality

Political party

2-1-6, Mandate/Occupation or Sphere of Activity


2-1-7, Admin structure

The Party was run by a Politburo (later renamed the Political Bureau), Executive Committee and its Annual Congress. It also has district and local branches

2-1-8, Relationships

Tom Mann was a founding member.

The Communist Party of Great Britain tried to affiliate with the Labour Party in both 1921 and 1946. On both occasions the move was rejected and membership of the CPGB continued to be proscribed for Labour Party members.

Related entry A

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Related entry C

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2-1-9, Other significant information



3-1, Archivists note

Name of initial creator of the record
Charles Fonge, Modern Record Centre, University of Warwick

Date record was first created (YYYMMDD)

GB 0152 371/QD7; The History of the Communist Party of Great Britain; volume one, formation and early years, James Klugmann, 1968

GB 0152 371/QD7, GB 0152 180, GB 0152 202

3-2, Rules

ICA, ISAAR (CPF), 1996; and NCA rules, 1997

3-3, Date of last revision


3-3, Name of Reviser(s)

Janette Martin and James King, Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick