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EAD templates for a personal archive

To date the use of EAD for cataloguing born-digital archives is not at an advanced stage of development, so a body of practical experience to draw on is lacking. Paradigm therefore began by thinking about the overall arrangement of the project's exemplar archives and how each hierarchical level would map to a component level (c01, c02, etc) in EAD.

Next, the issue of a collection level description for each archive was addressed: conclusions about which EAD elements to include at this level were made as well as recommendations for the content of these elements. There is not scope at this stage to develop cataloguing templates for every record format encountered in Paradigm's testbed archives and the work was therefore limited to tackling three major areas:

Further considerations

The design process for an EAD profile should give consideration to the search and display mechanisms that the EAD metadata will be expected to support, and to whether the EAD is written purely for a local implementation or should interoperate with network services such as the Archives Hub. These issues are not specifically addressed here, Paradigm being more concerned with how the content of the catalogue is impacted by the addition of born-digital material to the archive.