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Exporting email from Microsoft Outlook email clients

About these instructions

These instructions were written for use with Microsoft Outlook 2003, which is shipped as part of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Other versions of Microsoft Outlook may have different menus and dialogue boxes.


Open Microsoft Outlook.

From the menu bar select FileImport and Export.

Microsoft Outlook menubar

Select Export to a file from the following dialogue which appears:

dialogue box - Import and
                    Export Wizard

From the next dialogue box, select Personal Folder File (.pst):

dialogue box - Export to a file

You will now be presented with a list of folders to export from. To export all the messages from an email account select the top level directory containing the emails and check the Include subfolders box. It is also possible to copy the entire outlook directory; this is useful where an individual or office uses the calendar functionality in Outlook. To export messages from one or more folders, simply select the folders required.

dialogue box - Export
                    Personal Folders

Note: the wizard also has a filter which can be used to refine the export.

Outlook will suggest a location for saving your exported email and provide you with options regarding the treatment of duplicates.

dialogue box - Export
                    Personal Folders

Finally, before exporting the data, Outlook will allow you to name the folder and to set a password to encrypt the exported email:

dialogue box - Create
                    Microsoft Personal Folders

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