News and events

Paradigm at GLAM - the Group for Literary Archives and Manuscripts

Susan Thomas introduced some of the challenges faced by archivists working with personal digital archives, and provided an overview of the Paradigm project, and the Cairo project.

[16 Mar. 2007]

Paradigm Workbook to be published in hard copy form

The workbook will be published in hard copy; great news for those who can't abide reading from the screen! Editorial work will take place at the conclusion of the project and the final production will be available in the Summer.

[15 Jan. 2007]

Paradigm at Digital Curation Centre and LUCAS , DCC Workshop on Pre- and Post-ingest Activity for Digital Archival Collections

This event focused on pre- and post-ingest activities in an archival context. Susan Thomas spoke about pre-ingest aspects of the Paradigm project, such as approaches to collection development for collecting archives, working with creators and negotiating the transfer of digital archives. The slides from the talk can be downloaded from the Papers section of the website.

[30 Nov. 2006]